Title: Common Read - 1st meeting
Duration: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Details: As a group of curious people willing to identify and dismantle systems of oppression, we will read and discuss the book What Does It Mean to Be White: Developing White Racial Literacy by Robin DiAngelo ($38). Books are available now and are based on a sliding scale fee of $0-$38. This is a purposefully leaderless group with no expert guidance; rather, we are just people exploring a difficult topic together. At the first meeting, those present will collaboratively determine the scope and schedule of group discussions. All political affiliations are welcome, as are all genders, races, religions, etc. The more diverse our perspectives, the richer the conversation. But please be aware that the focus of the book and the group will be the invisible and ubiquitous socialization of “whiteness” and what that means in the context of anti-racism work. If you are concerned about race relations in this country, and you are willing to discuss the issues with openness, humility, and vulnerability, this is a group for you.