Title: Ingathering and Water Cemory
Duration: 9:45 am - 11:00 am
Details: Community Minister Rev. Julianne Bousquet and Dexter UU Please join us for our Ingathering and Water Communion this Sunday, September 3rd as we gather along with members of the Dexter UU congregation to share where we've been and prepare to set sail for another year in beloved community. If you are so inclined, bring water and your story to share: Traditionally, the Water Communion is a time for congregants to bring small amounts of water taken from special places they’ve been over the summer, collected from a rainstorm, or that which is otherwise significant or symbolic. Congregants then pour the water into a shared bowl and tell the congregation where it is from and the meaning it has for them. The Ingathering will be followed by an informal discussion of June’s General Assembly with attendees Trudy Ferland and Holly Zadra as well as coffee hour.